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  • We want to welcome you to the EBP Peer-to-Peer Forum and tell you a bit about why we created it. Through our work we have the wonderful opportunity to work with professionals in the field from coast to coast. It seems like every time we do we learn about the creative ways you are putting EBP into practice. We’ve heard your stories, seen the resource tools you’ve developed, watched your videos. We tried to collect these amazing stories and share them with others. Then we had the idea that it would be best for you to share them yourselves. That’s what the EBP Peer-to-Peer Forum is; a place for professionals working in the field to exchange information with one another. Occasionally we’ll visit the Forum and maybe add a thought or two, but mostly this is a place for you to talk to the people you really need to hear from: colleagues like yourselves doing the work that you do. So we invite you to ask questions or share information about EBP research findings; talk about what you are doing to implement EBP in your agencies; share your ideas and experiences about using tools like the Carey Guides and BITS; and, for supervisors, learn about the ways in which your colleagues are coaching and mentoring your staff. We are really looking forward to hearing your conversation and continuing to learn from you.

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