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    Thank you for your question!

    In general, our suggestion is that, during an appointment, you work with the client on only one tool, since it will take an average of 10–20 minutes to go through it, and we suggest that you introduce another tool for the client to complete at home. In some cases, you might get through only one part of a tool during an appointment; in those instances, you can assign the other parts for completion at home or do them with the client during subsequent appointments.

    In the early stages of supervision, when you are trying to achieve multiple purposes, the assignment that you complete with the client during the appointment and the take-home assignment you give the client might be from different Carey Guides. For example, during an appointment, you might work with the client on a tool from Maximizing Strengths in order to build rapport and then, to help identify rewards that would be meaningful to the client, you might ask them to complete a tool from Rewards and Sanctions at home.

    After the initial appointments, you will be focusing on one criminogenic need at a time, as guided by the case plan. At that stage, you will be teaching skills to address the specific need, so the tools that you will be using during appointments and assigning for completion at home will usually be from the same Guide.

    I hope that is helpful.


    Can you use or start more than one guide per session with an individual.  Meaning can you start guides for Maximizing Strength, Preventing Violations, and Rewards and Sanctions all in the first meeting with the client?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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