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    We were recently asked whether there are any populations with whom the Carey Guides should not be used.

    Generally, we don’t recommend using the Guides with these populations:

    1. Low risk individuals. The Guides won’t harm low risk individuals—and this population may take to the Guides quite readily—but they also probably do not require an intervention in order to stay out of the justice system.
    2. Youth 14 years or younger. While it is possible that some youth of this age may benefit from the Guides, normally their developmental age makes other forms of intervention more appropriate.
    3. Highly resistant individuals. Offenders who are recalcitrant and unwilling to cooperate should not be forced to use the tools as it will likely not be a positive experience for either them or the PO. That being said, while many offenders appear to be uncooperative, a skilled PO can often get them to the point where they would make an effort.
    4. Highly impaired individuals. Clients with a very low IQ or severe mental health disorder will likely not benefit from the Guides. However, some, such as those with a borderline IQ or with a mental health condition that is under reasonable control, could benefit with adequate coaching and a slower pace.

    We hope that is helpful.

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