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    I was recently conducting a training at which a probation officer, who was making up a day that she had missed during her initial training, shared a story: She had learned about the Brief Intervention ToolS (BITS) when she was first trained but was leery about using them with offenders. However, she thought that she should try one before coming back to training, so she did. An offender whom she was supervising was returned to custody after police brought his daughter home for underage drinking and discovered three marijuana plants in his home. The offender blamed his daughter for his going to jail, and he blamed the police for making a big deal of the marijuana plants. The probation officer discussed the offender’s thoughts with him and then gave him the BITS Overcoming Thinking Traps tool to complete at home. While the probation officer was at the training, she received a voicemail from the offender. He said that he realized he has the “Blaming Others” thinking trap, and completing the assignment helped him. That was enough to sell the probation officer on the value of the BITS!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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